About Us

About Catalyst Community

Catalyst Community is a non-profit organization that has provided innovative childcare solutions to support children, families, and childcare providers since 1976 in several northern California counties- see our locations.

We believe that when families have the services/support they need, they will be able to raise competent, capable children. Catalyst Community manages a variety of programs that support and strengthen the communities we serve through:

Our Mission

We believe in providing responsive services for communities, families, & children.

Company Values

Catalyst Community, a parent and provider service of Catalyst Family Inc., operate over 150 childcare centers throughout the State of California, serving over 20,000 children, birth through twelve years of age. 

Catalyst Community Values:

  • Integrity
  • Creativity
  • Inclusivity
  • Engagement


Looking for a position with Catalyst Community? To see what positions are currently available click over to our Careers Section on our Catalyst Kids site. Our recruiting department posts positions for Catalyst Community here.