American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Survey

Attention Child Care Providers

Your participation and feedback are needed.

This past year and a half brought unprecedented challenges to childcare providers in the form of program adjustments, regulation changes and financial stresses. Fortunately, these challenges were recognized by elected officials and advocates, and action was taken in various ways to support childcare providers. This action resulted in using a portion of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) childcare stabilization funding to support childcare providers in the form of benefits such as stipends, paying based on maximum scheduled care and rate increases. We hope that whatever benefit you received was helpful during this challenging period.

The State of California is requiring childcare providers to complete a survey if they received or plan to receive federal ARPA funding. The California Department of Social Services (CDSS) is responsible for collecting data about how ARPA funds were used, to comply with federal reporting requirements. Collected data will be protected and reported to the federal government to track COVID-19 childcare stabilization funding.

Who is required to complete the ARPA survey?

  • Licensed childcare centers
  • Licensed family childcare homes
  • License-exempt childcare providers (also known as: family, friend, and neighbor childcare providers)

What type of information will the ARPA survey request?

The following information will be requested, if applicable: your license number and capacity; the age groups you served; address and information about your program; maximum number of children served; status of your business (open or closed); knowledge of the types of government funding you received or applied for and general information about how you used any funds received. Please note that if you have a licensed childcare facility that has multiple licenses, please complete a survey for each license number.

How do I complete the survey?

The survey is available in English, Spanish, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese and can be completed online at American Rescue Plan Act Survey | CCDD or by filling out a hard copy. If you would like a hard copy of the survey, please contact your local Catalyst Community office.

Our goal is to have 100% participation. Don’t risk losing future funding! Complete the survey as soon as possible.

NOTE: Catalyst Community is not the managing authority for the ARPA survey; we are only serving as a liaison to CDSS. If you have questions, or need help completing this survey, please email the California Department of Social Services at


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